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Meet our team

From the very top of our organization, we combine expertise in payment processing solutions, software ingenuity and an understanding of the needs of our specific merchant group. Our engineers have crafted a secure, user friendly payment platform with a very small footprint. Our experience with merchant processing has led us to the realization that if we are selective with whom we accept as merchants, we can build solutions that will exceed their expectations.

We have over 30 years of combined card processing experience working with all types of merchants. It is our in-depth understanding of our customer’s needs, our expertise in merchant processing and innovation that set us our technology apart. In order to meet stringent security measures and match current card processing methods with existing technological trends, we have streamlined our services so that our customers can utilize our system with ease.

The PayLogic name is synonymous with secure payment options and financial benefits for our merchants. Each entity that has worked with us boasts quick access to funds, reduced administrative work and convenient processing operations that simplify and accelerate their payment options. All of this is done at no processing cost to the merchant.

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Some info about us

  • 2014It’s just started. Give us a chance to amaze you!
    V2.0 coming this first quarter! No Fees Mpos + E-Commerce for all!
  • 2013Added our CFO and launched v1.0 of our software. Lots of congratulations are in order!
    We begin construction of our amazing credit card processing platform. Long hours and lots of arguments but we work our way through it.
  • 2012Start of our company
    We begin with lots of fresh ideas and dreams of what we can build Add to that creative energetic minds and we’ve got a company! Getting through a ton of paperwork was fun! Really it was!
  • 2011We have an idea!
    The journey begins with an idea and some inspiration from our past work in merchant credit card processing. Together we begin building on what we perceive to be the future of this industry. Throughout the year we assemble the pieces to have a clearer view of what’s to come.
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Our Commitment

We are committed to evaluating and meeting the needs of each entity individually. We are committed to innovation and always looking to exceed the expectations of our merchants. We are committed to eliminating every cost associated with electronic payment acceptance, increasing the profitability of your practice and, above all, we are committed to you.